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NYC Firefighters Catch Bicyclist Who Sucker Punched 60-Year-Old Woman (VIDEO)

Firefighters in New York City were seen on video chasing down a man who punched a woman in the face.

In the footage, a male bicyclist struck the victim in the face, knocking the person down. Four men, identified later as local firefighters, gave chase. Though the individual was on a bike, he clearly slipped a little on a turn, losing a lot of momentum. He was also partially blocked by two women walking dogs. It was then that the firefighters caught him. Police were later seen escorting the bicyclist away.

The victim was a 60-year-old woman, according to CBS New York. The incident happened in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood on August 26.

“It’s bad,” local man Twin Alzokari said. “You can’t hit a woman. She’s very nice, the whole family. I grew up with them and they very nice.” He said he witnessed the firefighters chasing after the man on the bike.

New York police said that the attacker was Daniel Biggs, 53. He has a lengthy, relevant criminal history, with 18 arrests before this, for claims including robbery, assault, and an August 2 incident in which he allegedly slashed a 26-year-old man in the face.

The alleged motive on the August 26 was unclear; the woman and Biggs did not know each other, police said. The woman sustained a cut on her mouth, while Biggs also punched one of the firefighters in the incident, officers said.

The defendant’s attorney Paul Anthony Magel declined to comment when we reached out. Records viewed by Law&Crime show that Biggs had a court appearance on August 27. He is scheduled for another hearing to take place March 1, 2021.

[Screengrab via CBS New York]

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