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No Death Penalty for Man Who Allegedly Beat Girlfriend to Death over Joke About Text from Ex


Whatever happens in the upcoming murder trial of Pennsylvania man Nicholas Alexander Forman, 23, one thing is clear: He will not face execution. Prosecutors announced Tuesday they will not seek capital punishment in the death of girlfriend Sabrina Harooni, 22.

“The district attorney evaluated the case and evaluated the aggravating factors and the mitigating factors and determined we will not seek the death penalty,” Montgomery County Assistant District Attorney Tonya Lupinacci said after an arraignment, according to The Pottstown Mercury. “But we are seeking a first-degree murder conviction and for the defendant to spend the rest of his life in jail.”

The defendant was arrested in February. He fatally beat Harooni after she joked about getting a text from her ex, authorities said. Forman allegedly recorded the bloodied victim, taunting her as she lay unconscious on grass.

“This is what a cheating liar gets,” said a man in the video, according to police. “You hear me? Cheating f—g liar.”

He later tried to pass off her injuries as her getting attacked by three women, officials said.

Forman mentioned the story about the “three girls” when reporters spoke to him after his arrest. He denied killing Harooni.

“Three girls. Not me. This is crazy,” he said before uttering a string of curse words and flipping off an NBC10 Philadelphia camera.

Forman pleaded not guilty on Tuesday. The defendant remains in the Montgomery County Jail pending trial. His attorney, Michael A. John, argued in court last May prosecutors did not show enough evidence to support the case for first-degree murder, an intentional killing.

[Screengrab via NBC10 Philadelphia]

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