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Men Banned from Shooting Range After Gun-to-Head Selfie (WATCH)


A gun range in Houston, Texas says they kicked out a pair of men because of an ill-advised selfie.

The company said on Twitter Wednesday that a man brought in his personal weapon so he and a friend could use it there. What happened next was described as a “safety violation.”

As seen on surveillance video, a man in a green shirt holds a phone in his left hand, and a gun in his right. He lifts the phone up for an apparent selfie with the individual at his side. And he then lifts the gun toward this person’s head.

A third man in a baseball cap and black shirt–the range safety officer–rushes over, grabs the gunman’s wrist, and apparently dresses him down. He reviews the firearm, and then leads the pair away from the booth.

Top Gun manager Kyle Harrison applauded the safety officer’s actions.

“He reacted perfectly,” Harrison told KTRK. “He was quick, he was very professional, and he was very direct.”

Harrison said the gun was not loaded, but the man failed to keep it aimed downrange, and shouldn’t have pointed it at the friend.

“And that’s just a cardinal safety violation,” he said. “My little ones at home know better than to do that, and they are two and three years old.”

[Screengrab via Top Gun Range]

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