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Man Tried Stealing Truck with 2-Year-Old Inside, But Child’s Mom Stopped Him, Cops Say (WATCH)


Pro-tip from Law&Crime: Don’t carjack vehicles that have little kids inside, and definitely don’t do it when the mother is close enough to fight you off.

This story comes out of Bremerton, Washington. Local cops have released video of an attempted carjacking on Wednesday. It shows a woman approaching a stationary silver truck from the passenger side. Meanwhile, a bare chested man runs up to the driver’s side and seems to be entering the vehicle. The woman then rushes him. The footage doesn’t catch everything because at that point, the truck blocks the view of the man and woman, but you can see the vehicle start rolling herky jerky, then making a sharp left turn into a neighbor’s fence. The man remerges from the vehicle, and bolts from the scene.

Judging by the police statement, however, he had a pretty good reason for escaping. Cops said the woman’s two-year-old child was in the truck when the man tried to steal it, but the woman fought him off.

Officers were nearby, and quickly made it to the scene, and dispatch gave out a description of the suspect, telling police that he punched the mother in the face during the attempted theft.

The police statement said an officer found the suspect, but the suspect didn’t follow commands to stop. Cue what the cops described as a “lengthy foot chase.” Cops said the suspect 1) unsuccessfully tried to break into another vehicle, 2) jumped into the bed of a truck stopped at a red light, and escaped upon confrontation by officers, 3) ran inside a residence where he was confronted by the occupants, and he left after hearing sirens. He finally got caught after slipping and falling, police said. They had him treated by medics because they thought he was under the influence of drugs, and he ended up kicking one of the medics in the face, police said. He was only described as a 24-year-old, and authorities promised his name would be release once he was formally charged.

[Screengrab via Bremerton Police Department]

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