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Man Tried, Failed to Break into ATM with Construction Machine, Police Say (WATCH)


ATM machines: 1, construction equipment: 0. Police in Prince George’s County, Maryland claim that on Thursday, June 1, a man stole a backhoe for use in the attempted theft. You know what those are: a vehicle with a giant metal arm. You’ll come across one in any given construction site. Those might be good for tough digging jobs, but apparently not robberies.

The Prince George’s County Police Department claimed that this man drove it five miles all the way to the bank. Surveillance footage, available above, shows the backhoe smacking the crap out of the ATM to no avail. Despite causing about $10,000 worth of damage, the would-be thief stole no cash, cops said.

Investigators suggest the suspect could be the same man involved in another robbery in March 2016. That one was more successful. He and two others allegedly stole cash and an entire ATM from a tobacco store, police said.

Both investigations remain ongoing.

[Screengrab via Prince George’s County Police Department]

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