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Man Shoves Apparently Random Victim into the Path of an Oncoming Truck (VIDEO)


[Warning: Video is graphic]

A man was seen on surveillance video shoving an apparently random victim into the path of an oncoming truck. This video is pretty much your worst nightmare for what could happen if you fell down at an intersection. The only saving grace is that the target reportedly survived.

The video is dated Wednesday, just after 10:00 a.m. A man in a yellow hoodie can be seen on the left side of the frame sitting at a bench. Then the victim appears, walking up the sidewalk from the middle-bottom of the screen. The man in yellow stands up and shoves the other individual onto the street–and right in front of a truck.

The good news (for lack of a better phrase) is that the vehicle didn’t run the man all the way over. It only pinned him under the front wheel. Remarkably, he wasn’t killed, although he did suffer a punctured lung and was in critical condition, according a FOX 11 news report.

As seen on footage, the attacker seems to pick something up from the ground and put his hands in his pockets, before ambling down the sidewalk, out of view of the camera.

According to police, he didn’t stay free for long. Local firefighters said they saw the man and reported him to cops.

Law&Crime followed up Thursday morning with an LAPD spokesman, who said he could not announce the identity of the suspect at this time because he was waiting for more information.

[Screengrab via Los Angeles Police Department]

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