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Man Seen Smiling and Firing Semi-Automatic Weapon Out of Car Turned Himself in, Cops Say


Cops in El Paso, Texas say that a man seen on video smiling and firing an apparent semi-automatic firearm from a moving vehicle turned himself in. He has been identified as 26-year-old Jonathan Jay Oneal.

Footage caught attention the last few days. It was posted to the Instagram account for Fit Fam El Paso. The post author didn’t profess to be a fan.

“Absolutely disgusting footage surfaced last night of yet another person firing a weapon out of a moving vehicle on El Paso highways,” they wrote in a Dec. 21 post. “A multitude of cars can be seen driving past in the opposite lane. This is the second such incident in less than a month. Although this is not a video you’d like to see just days before Christmas, we’re posting it because it’s the reality of El Paso right now, and you MUST be cautious out there, because there are many people who aren’t.”

As seen on the video, a man seems to be having fun pointing the firearm out of the moving vehicle, and periodically shooting at an upward angle.

This wound up on police radar. Cops said Monday no one was injured in the incident, and that the suspect (then publicly unidentified) turned himself in.

Officers had previously called on him to fess up. The incident is said to have occurred last Friday.

“1. Walk in to any police station unarmed and speak to investigators,” they wrote. “2. Make it a lesson learned and move forward.”

To say the least, moving forward is going to be a process. Oneal was booked into jail on a $50,000 bond for discharging a firearm in certain municipalities, police said.

Records show no attorney of record.

[Screengrab via Fit Fam El Paso]

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