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‘Holy F—ing S–t’: Man in Underwear Fell Through Waffle House Ceiling, Fought Bystanders (WATCH)


A man hunt is underway in Tuscumbia, Alabama. Some dude was seen falling through the ceiling of a local Waffle House wearing just his underwear and a tank top.

“Holy fucking shit,” a female bystander can be heard exclaiming from off camera.


The man’s tumble elicited screams from others in the restaurant. He cane be seen making his way through the premises, pushing a customer who was holding a drink, and knocking this individual to the ground. Chairs fell over in the scuffle, as employees and customers tried to keep him from leaving the establishment.

At least one woman blocked him from leaving the building, but then the man picked up a chair.

“Let him go!” a female bystander said. The man was finally allowed to leave.

“You joking me right now,” the woman said. “Dude was living in our fucking ceiling. Holy shit. Dude, he was–holy shit.”

She wonders aloud how he even got up there.

“How long has he been there?” she said. “That’s what I want to know?”

Police think they know who the man is. They identified the suspect in this Sunday morning incident as Wesley Glenn Bost, 27, according to a report from The TimesDaily. Cops said he and a second man fled the scene in a car. They were construing this as an attempted break-in of the office. The evidence: Surveillance footage allegedly showed Bost getting into the bathroom, locking himself inside, tying his jeans to the door, and climbing into the ceiling, according to WAAY. His actions also broke a sink and toilet, cops said. Officers were seeking warrants on him for first-degree criminal mischief and burglary as of Tuesday.

[Screengrab via Derrick Jeter on Facebook]

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