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Man in Custody After His Sons Found Dead, and His Daughters Were Missing: Authorities


Multiple states put out AMBER Alerts after Kansas man Donny Jackson, 40, allegedly abducted his two daughters, ages 3 and 7. Authorities announce that the suspect is in custody, but the search started with the tragic discovery of the girls’ two brothers dead at a Leavenworth residence.

Before Jackson was found, officials said that one of the children no-showed a soccer game. A family member checked up, and discovered the crime scene. It turned out that Jackson had allegedly been pulled over for a “traffic infraction” prior to investigators being told about the incident. The girls were allegedly in the vehicle.

During the initial investigation, authorities suggested that the suspect could have been traveling in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. The search ended Saturday. According to Oklahoma Highway Patrol, a trooper overheard a Beckham County broadcast regarding a vehicle matching the description getting gas.

“A short time later, Beckham County got a call from a truck driver that the vehicle was westbound at mile marker 7,” they said. “One of our Port of Entry officers was at exit 7 and observed the vehicle go by. He got in behind the vehicle and activated his emergency lights. The vehicle kept driving and took exit 5 and stopped. The officer gave the driver commands to exit the vehicle and he did so. Within 2 minutes of the stop, troopers and Beckham County deputies arrived and assisted in taking 40 year old Donny Jackson into custody.”

They described the two girls as safe.

Records showed that Jackson and his wife were divorcing, according to the The Kansas City Star. He had been representing himself after his attorney in that matter withdrew in September. The lawyer declined to comment in that report. No charges have been formally filed.

The boys have been identified as Austin Jackson, 11, and Logan Jackson, 14. A GoFundMe to support their mother and sisters has raised $20,315 of a $25,000 goal as of Sunday evening.

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