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Man Attacks ABC7 Reporter After Crashing Broadcast (Video)


An occupational hazard of being a TV reporter is that random people love to jump into broadcasts. Sometimes it’s just annoying and maybe even funny. Sometimes it leads to an investigation by the NYPD’s 7th precinct in Lower Manhattan. ABC7’s CeFaan Kim was just doing his job Friday night when a man in a hockey mask walked right up, and put his arm around him. Things escalated.

He posted the video to Twitter, asking anyone who knows the guy to call police. As seen in the footage, Fan starts grabbing the man, who then appears to strike him. Bystanders step between them, one man saying, “Don’t fight, don’t fight, don’t fight.”

Fan wrote about it in a Facebook post Saturday afternoon.

“Guy totally snuck up on me,” he said. “He wouldn’t get off me so I shoved him off and then he pushed me to the ground.” He said he only got “a scrape and a bruise.”

This incident is on the NYPD’s radar. Here’s a tweet from the Assistant Commissioner for Communication and Public Information.

Fan is apparently some kind of trouble magnet. Yonkers police said in 2013 that several people attempted to mug the former U.S. Army Reservist and non-commissioned officer when he was a News 12 reporter. He managed to fend them off before bystanders intervened, and the suspects fled. Four teens were later arrested in connection to that incident.

[Screengrab via ABC7]

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