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Man Allegedly Steals Woman’s Underwear During Realtor Open House (WATCH)


House hunters tend to develop routines when meeting realtors at a residence. 1) Bring measuring tape to better evaluate the space; 2) prepare questions about cost, amenities, etc.; 3) swipe underwear from the current tenant. A man in San Mateo, California allegedly attended an open house for a residence only to steal from the homeowners, according to an NBC Los Angeles report.

A husband said that this individual swiped his wife’s underwear.

“Her push up bras,” he said off-camera. “Stole all of her push up bras from her dresser.”

Video shows what seemed to happen. The homeowner said that he installed a camera to keep an eye on people during the open house. In the footage, the realtor left the residence while the alleged thief left off-frame to go into a hallway. That man returned apparently putting something inside his jacket. He soon dipped to another area. The individual soon reemerged with the bulge in his jacket getting bigger.

“I’m shocked,” said the husband. “Seeing the way it infuriates my wife, more than anything it infuriates me.”

The homeowner said he didn’t want to be identified, but shared the footage because he wanted to advise people to tell their realtors not to let others walk through the residence alone.

“I think that was a mistake on their part, obviously,” the husband said about the realtors. “We talked to them since then.”

The realtor told the outlet that this has never happened in his 32 years on the job, and said he left the individual alone because prospective buyers did not like realtors standing over them.

Police are describing the prospective buyer as a person of interest in a theft case. He is described as standing between 5’4″ and 5’8″, slender, with glasses, a gray long-sleeve shirt, and jeans.

[Screengrab via NBC Los Angeles]

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