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Man Allegedly Beat Girlfriend to Death After She Joked About Ex Texting Her


A Pennsylvania man is charged with beating his girlfriend to death. Nicholas Alexander Forman, 23, allegedly went berserk after Sabrina Harooni, 22, made a joke about getting a text from her ex. Authorities claimed he taunted the unconscious victim in a recorded video, went to a scheduled court hearing instead of immediately getting her help, and only later took her to a hospital. He tried to pass off the injuries as her getting attacked by three women, officials said.

Forman was seen escorted in handcuffs by state troopers. The defendant denied doing it, and blamed “three girls.”

“Not me,” he told reporters.

The incident happened Sunday night, authorities said, according to NBC Philadelphia. Harooni and Forman were taking an Uber to Forman’s home, authorities said. The driver told investigators that the defendant got mad after the victim joked about getting a text from an ex.

Forman allegedly demanded to see the message.

“You’re scaring me,” Harooni said, according to the driver’s purported account. Forman allegedly threatened to bar her from his home, and demanded the “f—ing phone.”

The argument was allegedly bad enough that the driver didn’t drive straight away, but came back with his windows down to hear the argument. This witness suggested Harooni possibly pushed the defendant, and that Forman in turn threw an item that broke on the street. The witness said he stayed for some minutes, but left after he couldn’t hear any more yelling, investigators said.

According to the police account, the couple didn’t make peace. Investigators said Forman brutally assaulted Harooni, and recorded what he’d done. Cops said they obtained search warrants to get their hands on two phones taken from Forman. Cops said they found a picture of a Harooni, apparently unconscious and on the grass.

A video allegedly also showed her on the grass, with a bloodied head.

“This is what a cheating liar gets,” said a man in the video, according to police. “You hear me? Cheating f—–g liar.”

She wasn’t moving, officers said.

District Attorney Kevin Steele told reporters Friday that Forman took a shower, left Harooni in the residence, and went to a scheduled court hearing regarding drug charges. It was only later that the defendant allegedly took the badly beaten victim to a hospital in another Uber, authorities said. Staffers worked on saving the victim, but the victim was already “ice cold,” according to a nurse. Authorities said Harooni was already dead upon arrival at the hospital.

One of the nurses said that Forman claimed Harooni had been jumped after a night of drinking, but was okay when going to sleep. Cops said they searched the defendant’s home and nearby area, and found hair similar to the victim’s on the street outside. Investigators also claimed to discover clothes, a carpet, pillowcase, and a sheet with blood.

Steele called Forman’s behavior “callous,” and pointed to the defendant’s alleged decision to record what happened.

The defendant faces a count of first-degree murder. Authorities said he is being held without bond at Montgomery County Correctional Facility. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Wednesday.

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