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Lori Vallow Misses Court Deadline to Hand Over Her Missing Children to Authorities


Lori Vallow has reportedly missed the court deadline to hand over her missing children, 7-year-old Joshua “JJ” Vallow and 17-year-old Tylee Ryan.

“I’m not at all surprised of that. Lori’s not going to make this easy,” JJ’s biological grandmother Kay Woodcock said, according to USA Today. “She’s got an end game in her head, although this is not a game, but obviously she thinks it is.”

The kids went missing from Idaho last September, and local cops blamed Lori Vallow, alleging she refused to tell them what happened. Instead, she left the state. She and her new husband Chad Daybell turned up in Kauai, Hawaii, where she was served with a court order to turn over the children to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. The deadline came and went on Thursday.

Now there’s the possibility of a contempt of court charge.

The family has a fraught backstory. Vallow’s brother shot and killed her previous husband Charles Vallow on July 11 of last year, claiming self-defense. Then he died in December of unclear causes.

Charles Vallow previously claimed in court papers that his wife had believed she was a “god” preparing for the Second Coming of Christ.

Daybell’s history is a little messy as well. He married Lori Vallow mere weeks after his previous wife Tammy Daybell passed away, and was found dead at her Idaho home on October 19. This was considered a natural death, but investigators went as far as to exhume her body in December in the midst of everything else going on.

Joshua Vallow has brown hair, has brown eyes, stands 4’0″, and weighs 50 pounds, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited ChildrenTylee Ryan has blonde hair, has blue eyes, stands 5’0″, and weighs 160 pounds. The children were last seen September 23, 2019 in Rexburg, Idaho, authorities said. Officials said the little brother “may be in need of medical attention.”

[Images of Joshua Vallow and Tylee Ryan via National Center for Missing and Exploited Children]

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