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Lawsuit: Mortuary Loses Body, So Uses Another One Instead at Wake



A mortuary is accused of losing a dead body, then using wrong one in a wake, according to the family that’s suing them.

Jose C. Perez passed away Feb. 9, 2015. They sent him to Palm Heights Mortuary in San Antonio, Texas a couple of days later, and prepared to send him with nice clothes and jewelry.

Then came the wake: The wrong body was allegedly displayed wearing his clothes and bling. Mortuary employees allegedly admitted that had no idea where Perez was. A 2- to 3-hour search turned him up at another funeral home.

Please highlight this: another funeral home.

In a lawsuit filed last week, Perez’s family accuse the mortuary of negligence; failing to make a proper identification and transport of Perez; and for putting his clothes and jewelry on the other body. Cremation suddenly sounds appealing.

The family seeks damages of over $200,000 and up to $1,000,000.

[h/t San Antonio Express-News, image via Shutterstock]

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