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‘Karen’ Got Slapped After Telling Native American to Go Back to Mexico, and the Internet Couldn’t Get Enough


Another week, another viral video. What do we have this time? In Phoenix, Arizona, video shows a white woman getting slapped by a young woman during a confrontation at a gas station. The man who recorded the incident placed blame squarely on the white woman.

Video first appeared Saturday under the name of a Facebook user Greg Conn. He said he was checking out at a Shell gas station in Phoenix:

I was checking out and this lady comes into the store all flustered yelling at the clerk to get another clerk to help because the line was getting long and her pump wasn’t working. Another clerk came out and she said to the young lady in the video, she can go checkout in an authoritative manner. The young lady said “thank you but I don’t need your assistance”. She was clearly annoyed with the lady like everyone else in the store. At this time the lady told the clerk not to serve her, told her she can leave, and go back to her country. That’s when I took out my phone, and the rest is here in the video.

As seen on video, an older woman in a white and black dress tells the younger woman to leave.

“We’re not serving you,” she said.

“Are you the manager?” said the woman in pink.

“You did say she should go back to her country,” said the man.

The younger woman said she was from the United States and is Native American.

“Don’t serve her racist ass,” said the younger woman.

The situation escalated, with the older woman telling the man to go.

“You need to leave,” she said. “You’re not a part of this.”

The older woman went back to confront the younger one, and they continued to argue.

As heard on camera, the older woman questioned the younger one: “Where were you born?”

The argument continued. The older woman told the younger one: “You’re going back to Mexico.” She accuses the younger woman of putting her hand on her.

“You get your hand off of me,” she said. The man contradicted this claim.

Then the younger woman turned away. It was then that the older woman grabbed her by the arm, and the younger one slapped her across the face. The older woman apparently left.

The owners of the convenience store told TMZ that the unidentified white woman didn’t work for them, and that she is now no longer welcome at their locations across the United States.

Social media users have been ragging on her, calling her a “Karen.”

[Screengrab via Greg Conn]

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