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Judge Decides to Take More Time Before Deciding If Jennifer Dulos Is Dead


Jennifer Dulos

Is Connecticut woman Jennifer Dulos dead? That’s an open question in the eyes of the law, even if her family and law enforcement assert she has passed away. Probate Court Judge Evelyn Daly stopped short of making a decision on Thursday, according to The Stamford Advocate. She said she would have to think about whether she would need more evidence on this, stating that there was no case law in the state to support declaring Dulos dead.

Under state law, a person must be missing seven years before they are declared to be deceased. Attorney Christopher Hug, the administrator of the estate of Dulos’s husband and alleged killer Fotis Dulos, argued that the arrest warrant in the murder case supports that Jennifer Dulos has passed away. His position on this is that he wants access to a $194,000 Individual Retirement Account under her name, so he can apply the money to debts still owed by the estate of Fotis Dulos.

Through a lawyer, Jennifer Dulos’s family say they believe that she is dead.

“The sooner we can get to the closure of Dulos’ estate, the better it will be for everyone,” said attorney Richard Weinstein, a lawyer for Jennifer Dulos’s mother Gloria Farber. “The tragic truth of the matter is that Jennifer Dulos is dead.”

Jennifer Dulos went missing from New Canaan, Connecticut on May 24, 2019. Police say that evidence left behind at her home showed that she was the victim of a violent crime so bad that she is likely dead. But she has not turned up since then, dead or alive.

Suspicions fell on her husband Fotis Dulos, with whom she was in the middle of tense divorce. Jennifer Dulos asserted that her spouse harbored revenge fantasies against people he believed wronged him. He has died by suicide, his attorneys said. They published a letter in which he asserted his innocence.

That leaves his then-girlfriend Michelle Troconis and his friend/attorney Kent Mawhinney as the remaining co-defendants in the alleged murder. They’ve pleaded not guilty in a conspiracy case. Troconis attorney Jon Schoenhorn reportedly asked for an evidentiary hearing to take place before Daly decides whether Jennifer Dulos is dead. Farber attorney Anne Dranginis asserted that Schoenhorn lacked standing to participate in this discussion over Jennifer Dulos.

[Image via New Canaan Police Department]

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