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Jennifer Dulos Once Claimed Murder Defendant Fotis Dulos Tried to Hit Her with Vehicle: New Docs


Alleged murder victim Jennifer Dulos claimed that her estranged husband Fotis Dulosthe man now charged with killing her–once tried to hit her with a vehicle, according to a nanny in newly released search warrants.

From documents obtained by Law&Crime:

In June of 2017, [the nanny] stated she ran out to the driveway and found Jennifer crying. Jennifer said that her husband tried to hit her with his vehicle and she needed to jump out of the way. Divorce and custody problems were in progress.

Jennifer Dulos, a mother of five, went missing last May 24. She was last seen dropping off some of her children at school, cops said. Her husband was quickly suspected in her disappearance because they were in the middle of an ugly divorce, and he was soon charged with hiding evidence she was the victim of a violent crime. That investigation recently got bumped up to a murder case. His then-girlfriend Michelle Troconis and his attorney-friend Kent Mawhinney were also charged with playing a role in this.

Dulos has denied playing a role in Jennifer’s disappearance, and in media interviews, has said that he’s concerned for her well-being. The new documents detail a turbulent relationship. According to the documents, the nanny detailed another incident from the summer of 2017. She was at the Farmington home when she saw Fotis Dulos chase Jennifer through the house, she said.

[Jennifer] finally came running into the bedroom and slammed the door closed. She braced herself against the door as her husband kept pounding trying to open it. [The nanny] was in the bedroom at this time with one of the children and directly witnessed this. He seemed to calm down when he realized [the nanny] and one of his children were also in the room. [The nanny] said that Jennifer did not want to call the police as she was very afraid of her husband and he threatened to take the children permanently to Greece.

Jennifer Dulos claimed in divorce papers that her husband harbored “sickening” revenge fantasies against people who wronged him.

Cops said in the documents that they had responded to several domestic calls to Jennifer Dulos’ home in New Canaan, and the residence she previously shared with her husband. For example, police said that that Fotis Dulos claimed in June 2017 that Jennifer had stolen property from his home, but cops didn’t pursue this case, citing a lack of probable cause.

Fotis Dulos reported his children missing that same month, but officers found them safe and sound, according to documents. The following August, Jennifer Dulos called police to a rented home she was temporarily staying at, officers said. Her husband allegedly called her a “bad mother,” and said she belonged “in an asylum.”

Surveillance footage caught Jennifer Dulos returning to her home after dropping off her kids at school on the morning of May 24, police said. This was at 8:05 a.m. At 10:25, her Chevy Suburban was seen leaving her home, but investigators assert someone else was driving it. She was either dead, or badly injured at this time, authorities said.

Her body has not been found.

[Image via New Canaan Police Department]

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