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Investigators Confirm Worst Fears About Missing 15-Month-Old Girl


The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation say they’ve identified human remains that were found on Friday. As expected, this was missing 15-month-old Evelyn Mae Boswell.

Agency spokeswoman Leslie Earhart and Sullivan County Sheriff Jeff Cassidy said Wednesday that they could not discuss certain details of the case because of the ongoing investigation into Evelyn’s death.

The circumstances behind Boswell’s death are publicly unclear. The TBI has said that she was considered as a missing person last February 18, but added that she was reportedly last seen on December 26, 2019. Authorities said that they were looking into why it took so long for someone to report her missing.

Investigators said that human remains (Boswell’s) was found Friday on property belonging to a relative of her mother Megan Boswell. No suspects have been announced in Evelyn’s passing. Investigators didn’t even discuss a cause or manner of death on Wednesday.

Megan Boswell was previously charged with filing a false report. Sheriff Cassidy has claimed that she changed her story every time they spoke with her, according to the Wilkes Journal-Patriot.

After the discovery of Evelyn’s body, the mother’s attorney Brad Sproles told WJHL he agreed with District Attorney General Barry Staubus that this was in its “very early stages and everyone to please be cautious about rushing to judgment here.”

The property in question belongs to Evelyn’s maternal grandfather, Tommy Boswell Sr., as indicated in property tax records obtained by the Journal-Patriot. He was the person who initially reported Evelyn missing in the first place.

“You’re all vultures,” he told Knox News in a report, back before the discovery of the body. He is divorced from Megan’s mother and his ex-wife Angela Boswell, who has been arrested amid the disappearance.

Angela Boswell and her boyfriend William McCloud are being charged in the alleged theft of a BMW. The TBI has said that this case is unrelated to Evelyn’s disappearance.

After the positive identification of Evelyn, Boswell Sr. and some relatives released a statement that explicitly excluded the ex-wife. (For context, it’s worth mentioning that the former couple reportedly had a contentious history.) The family voiced appreciation for the public support for Evelyn, and thanked law enforcement.

“The immediate Boswell family ( excluding Angela Jones Boswell ) of Evelyn are in anguish and grief over their loss,” they said in a statement obtained by WJHL. “It has been a very rough and trying time for everyone. At this time they do not want to speak publicly in regards to the tragedy. They are still trying to process what has happened. They ask for media and the public to respect their wishes. They need more time to grieve, privately.”

According to the statement, the family has not approved fundraisers or donations for funeral arrangements.

“The Boswell Family would like to reach out to [Evelyn’s father] Ethan Perry and family to come together for all arrangements for sweet Evelyn,” they said. “There has been a lot of hate, threats, and lies thrown at members of the family not involved in the disappearance of Evelyn. The family would like to keep the ceremony private for family and close friends, due to that. Please try to show respect to those that are grieving and experiencing a heartbreaking loss.”

This statement had echoed the one from Stephen Pappas, who is engaged to the mother of Evelyn’s father Ethan Perry. He is serving as that family’s spokesperson.

“While we continue to ask for privacy as we grieve this terrible tragedy,” he said in a statement obtained by the outlet, “it has come to our attention there are various unauthorized fundraising efforts on Evelyn’s and our family’s behalf in regards to Evelyn. Also, there are those on social media claiming to speak for our family, these claims are false. Our focus has always been Evelyn and now on the investigation and bringing all of those responsible to justice. We have complete faith and confidence in law enforcement to do just that.”

They asked for their privacy, but did thank the public for their show of love for Evelyn, and they thanked law enforcement.

“When and if the appropriate time comes for statements, fundraisers etc.,” Pappas said, “it will come from our family and be relayed to, and confirmed by trusted media and or the authorities.”

[Image via Tennessee Bureau of Investigation]

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