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In Move that Proves Democratic Party Lost Its Way, DNC Taunts Trump Over Border Wall


A press release issued this afternoon quickly began making its way across social media–and raised pretty much everyone’s eyebrows in the process–quickly cementing the Democratic Party as a political organization that’s more or less lost the plot.

In that press release, the Democratic National Committee took aim at President Donald Trump‘s campaign pledge to build a border wall between the United States and Mexico in order to curb immigration. It reads, in part:

“Trump has failed to deliver on his signature promise to build a border wall and have Mexico pay for it. Trump even admitted in a private conversation with Mexico that his border wall promise was “the least important thing.”

The rest of the press release expounds upon those first two sentences and cites to various sources which underline the gulf between political realities and Trump’s campaign promises. However, the full press release doesn’t offer anything further–there’s nothing in the way of what the point being made is–even the Democratic Party’s own position on the border wall is left unclear.

It’s a curious tactic from the Democratic Party, which has recently been described as in a state of disarray.

The press release raises questions about the Party’s commitment to anything other than political point-scoring going forward. And Twitter predictably exploded:

Essentially, most people believed the press release was an attempt to have it both ways: an appeal to those who might not mind a border wall without explicitly coming out in favor of it.

LawNewz contacted the Democratic National Committee and various Democratic Party offshoots in border states that would be affected by the building of the controversial wall but has yet to receive a response besides being directed to read the entire press release.

Chau Lan Ngo, a former staffer with Bernie Sanders‘ 2016 presidential campaign, and currently the co-chair of the Austin Democratic Socialists of America, said:

“This statement is bizarre. We’re starting to act like the GOP during the Obama years. If Obama said oxygen is good for us, they’d hold their breath. So now if Trump fails at something, just because we hate him, we’re for the original thing that was bad to begin with?”

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