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‘I’m Going to Kill You!’: Woman Goes Berserk, Tries to Fistfight Gym Employee (WATCH)


Mad about customer service? Most people leave a snarky Yelp review. This woman trashed a gym. Video on social media shows this individual throwing a tantrum, and trying to fistfight an employee at a Planet Fitness. This story comes out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Footage of the outburst first appeared Tuesday on a Facebook account under the name of Alexia Delange.

“Planet fitness on something else,” she wrote.

This video is on something else. A woman in a blue dress can be seen haranguing a male employee. It’s unclear what started the outburst. What’s certain: She is quite displeased.

“I’m a come back, and I’m going to kill you,” the woman says, a mess at her feet. She apparently reaches over the counter, and the employee apparently throws something at her. The woman goes berserk, and throws what seems to be a bottle. She tosses several objects, including a Planet Fitness LCD screen, and patently squares up to fight the man. The woman takes several swings at the employee, before tumbling to the ground. She seems to say something about being pregnant.

“Let’s go!” she yells. “You stupid [censored]! The woman claims that he struck her. “Everyone saw that he hit me!”

Footage shows her trashing the area behind the counter before she makes her exit.

She is being prosecuted. Cops said the employee didn’t want to press charges, but the Planet Fitness did because of the damage, according to a Fox 17 report. Police said the woman, age 20, is being charged with Malicious Destruction of Property, $200 – $1000. It is unclear what started kerfuffle. The defendant could not be reached for comment as of press time.

Update – June 19, 2018, 2:49 p.m.:  The Grand Rapids Police Department answered specific questions in an update provided Tuesday morning to Law&Crime.

They identified the defendant as Savannah Stone, the guest of a Planet Fitness member. The fight allegedly started June 12th at 1:30 a.m. after she was not allowed amenities available to normal members.

The male employee won’t be facing charges. Cops said he was only defending himself.

“She obviously was the aggressor here and the only contact that we are aware of by the male is what you see on the video,” they said in a Facebook direct message.

Stone did claim to be pregnant, and to be having a miscarriage caused by the incident, they said. Apparently, that didn’t stand up to scrutiny. Before being taken to a correctional facility, she was brought to the hospital, and it was determined that she was neither pregnant nor miscarrying, cops said.

Stone could not be reached for comment. She did not show up on 61st District Court records as of Tuesday, but Kent County jail records show she has yet to be arraigned. It is unclear if she has an attorney in this matter.

[Screengrab via Alexia Delange]

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