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‘I Don’t Like Living Here’: 30-Year-Old Ordered by Court to Leave Parents’ House Speaks Out


Michael Rotondo, the 30-year-old unemployed man who was ordered by a judge to stop living with his parents is giving his side of the story. Rotondo, who had to go to court after he supposedly ignored five letters from his parents to move out, said 1) he doesn’t exactly like his living situation, and 2) he doesn’t see why it should have to change.

“I’m not a burden to them,” Rotondo said in court. “They don’t provide laundry or food.”

He admitted that while his parents said they want him to get a job, he has not done so. Still, he insists that he makes money and would be able to move out of his own accord soon.

“I’ve got a business that I get income from,” he told ABC’s Good Morning America. I can’t imagine I’m gonna be here past three months.”

Another wrinkle that Rotondo added to the story is that he lost custody of his son three months ago, and is upset that his parents aren’t being sensitive to this.

“After you lose your son and then shortly afterwards it’s like ‘Hey, you lost your son, and get out of the house.’ I was devastated when I lost my son.”

Rotondo takes issue with the view that he’s a freeloader who was enjoying his situation.

“There’s these people who are considering that I want to stay here forever and I just don’t want to pay rent,” he said, saying this is not true at all.

“No. I don’t like living here. At all.”

[Image via ABC screengrab]

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