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Hollywood Stuntwoman and Husband Killed After Allegedly Ambushing Her Ex and His Current Wife


An Ohio man and his current wife say they were ambushed.

“All I really remember was a 6-foot-something, 6-foot-5 man, that was probably 230 pounds with a camo mask, a full camo mask and hoodie on, ran to my wife’s driver’s side with a gun, and held it about 10 inches from her head,” Lindsey Duncan told reporters on Friday. “And I thought it was a bad nightmare.”

His ex-wife Cheryl Sanders, 59, and her current husband Robert R. Sanders, 56, died in the wake of a shooting in Yellow Springs.

Sanders made a name for herself as a notable Hollywood stuntwoman. Now she and her spouse have passed away, and investigators are trying to untangle the complicated mess. Officials said Lindsey Duncan fired back at the alleged attackers. For now, they’re saying this seemed to be in self-defense: It appeared the Sanders couple attacked the Duncans.

Cheryl Sanders “was threatening to kill the guy’s wife,” Greene County Sheriff Gene Fischer said in a 2 News broadcast. “He fired upon that person.” According to the lawman, Duncan called authorities five years ago, claiming he’d gotten information that his ex-wife was trying to hire someone to murder him.

Lindsey Duncan said the incident happened Thursday. He and his wife Molly Duncan returned home from a trip, and pulled up to the gate of their home, he said. There was an Amazon package by a pillar, where delivery people usually left it, he said. He asked that his wife that get the package, while he got the mail, he said.

“Then all of a sudden, hell began,” he said. Duncan claimed that a large man in a full camo mask and hoodie, ran to his wife’s driver side with a gun, and pointed it at her head. He said he began operating on “instinct.” Two, separate gun battles ensued, he said. Multiple bullets were fired. He said he couldn’t divulge more details because of the pending investigation.

“I’m extremely thankful to be alive,” said Molly Duncan. She called her husband her hero. “I am a mother and I still get to see my kids grow up.”

Their attorney Gregory Lind asked that there be no questions. Nonetheless, he did address something Adrian King, a friend of Reed Sanders, told Dayton Daily News: That Cheryl Sanders and her husband were going to Ohio regarding a dispute over a college fund for the two daughters Cheryl had with Lindsey Duncan.

“With two weapons?” said Lind. “With multiple clips that were loaded? The details of the investigation will all come out.”

Even local authorities acknowledged the complicated nature of the case. Fischer said investigators are reviewing the allegation that this was an ambush.

“First of all, it’s a very complex set of facts,” Greene County First Assistant Prosecutor Suzanne Schmidt said. She said she expects a lengthy investigation. Then a grand jury would review the case to see if charges are justified.

Lindsey Duncan, the founder of a nutrition supplement company, clashed with Cheryl Sanders before in court. He sued her for defamation in 2016 after she allegedly bad-mouthed him in letters to supplement companies, according to Dayton 24/7.

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