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‘Help Us Catch Him, Once You Stop Laughing’: Cops Tease Burglary Suspect Who Used Clear Plastic as Disguise (VIDEO)


Police in St. Mary’s Georgia got a chuckle out of security video that showed a person who allegedly broke into a store in a, well, odd choice of disguise. Footage from a local GameStop location showed a man running around the store after allegedly breaking in, while wearing the clear plastic packaging that went around a case a water.

Besides the fact that the plastic is clear, it doesn’t even hide the man’s face, which can be seen easily in the video. The same suspect is alleged to have entered another store in the area, wearing the same outfit.

The police said the suspect committed burglary, although it is not known what the suspect did while inside the store or if he took anything. Burglary in Georgia is defined as entering or remaining in a building without permission with the intent to commit a felony or theft.

“You can help us catch him, once you stop laughing,” the St. Mary’s Police said in a Facebook post about the “craftily disguised gent,” providing phone numbers that people can call with information.

“We’ll be sippin’ water while we wait!” they said.

[Image and video via St. Mary’s Police Department]

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