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Hate Letter Sent to Mosque: Trump Will Do to Muslims What Hitler Did to Jews


Police in San Jose, California are investigating after someone left a hate letter at a mosque. It said that President-elect Donald Trump will do to Muslims “what Hitler did to the jews [sic]. You Muslims would be wise to pack your bags and get out of Dodge.” It also called Muslims “evil,” and claimed they worshiped the devil.

Faisal Yazadi, board president at the Evengreen Islamic Center, told KGO that they got it on Wednesday.

“It was disturbing to the fact that some of our parishioners were a little bit worried,” he said, adding that officers responded promptly.

Spokesman Hasan Z. Rahim blamed the incident on the recent election.

“Throughout the whole country, there has been a spike against the Muslims,” Rahim told The Mercury News. “And obviously we don’t have to be geniuses to relate this to the new president-elect.”

Sgt. Enrique Garcia told the outlet that the letter has been assigned to investigators who look into “hate-motivated incidents.”

President-elect Donald Trump ran on a strict, controversial immigration policy. During the campaign he advocated banning Muslims from entering the United States, and even putting them on an immigration database.

[Screengrab via KGO]

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