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Gun-Toting Cashier Fired After Stopping Hatchet-Wielding Man from Robbing Store (VIDEO)


The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office in Oregon released surveillance video on Friday of a foiled robbery at a convenience store. Unfortunately, however, the gun-toting cashier who saved the day is now out of a job.

As the video shows, a hatchet-wielding suspect was forced to flee after the clerk pulled a gun.

Authorities posted a cheeky press release in which they asked the general public the following: “Were you attempting to rob a Plaid Pantry just before 1 a.m. on April 28?”

“We’d like to reunite you with the hatchet you left behind after the clerk responded with a handgun and a 911 call and you fled the scene,” Sgt. Marcus Mendoza would add.

The video shows a man in a black hoodie and tan pants pacing outside store’s front doors. After he enters the store, he approaches the clerk and places a 12-inch hatchet on the counter. The clerk responded by pulling a black handgun on the suspect.

The clerk picked up the phone and called 911. The suspect left the hatchet on the counter said “I’m sorry. I’ll leave,” according to the sheriff’s office. Then the suspect got on his knees and put his hands in the air. After that, he fled the scene.

The police have yet to find the suspect but the clerk was fired for having a gun at work. The president of Plaid Pantry, the connivence store where the clerk worked, told KOIN 6 News that the stores have a zero tolerance police for weapons at work. Employees are trained to de-escalate robberies to prevent any injuries.

The suspect was described as a 5-foot-5 Hispanic man in his early 20s.

[Image via Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office]

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