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Guess What Happens When an FBI Agent Does a Backflip with Gun Still in Holster (WATCH)


Video shows a male dancer doing a backflip with a gun apparently still in his holster. Do you need us to tell you what happened next? Pretty sure we do, because this story managed to have some layers.

In the world’s most predictable development, the firearm clearly falls to the ground. It doesn’t immediately go off … until the man scrambles to pick it up. In the middle of a crowded dance floor. Cops say a bullet hit a bystander, according to a Denver Police Department spokeswoman cited by The Denver Post.

Oh, and the male dancer? Cops said he was an off-duty FBI agent. As in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. As in J. Edgar Hoover, James Comey, and the world’s best holiday cards.

To reiterate: An FBI agent did a backflip on a dance floor, dropped his holstered gun, tried to pick it up, and it accidentally fired, according to police.

Police in Denver, Colorado said this happened early Saturday morning at Mile High Spirits, a local bar.

“The victim was transported to the hospital with a good prognosis,” they said in a news released obtained by the Post. He remained in the hospital Saturday afternoon, and appeared “to have non-life threatening injuries,” said Police Spokeswoman Marika Putnam.

The agent’s name wasn’t released because he wasn’t charged, she said. He was taken to police headquarters, and then released to an FBI supervisor. But prosecution is within the realm of possibility. The investigation remains ongoing, and once done, the Denver district attorney’s office will decide if charges get filed.

[Screengrab via Denver7]

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