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Fotis Dulos’s Employee Drove Black Ford Raptor the Day Jennifer Dulos Disappeared: Report


An employee of Connecticut defendant Fotis Dulos possibly drove that man’s black Ford Raptor in New Canaan the day his boss’ estranged wife Jennifer Dulos went missing from that town, according to law enforcement sources in a Hartford Courant report. To be very clear, those authorities said the unnamed employee is not being considered a suspect. Nonetheless, investigators are looking into this. After all, cops claim that Fotis Dulos–who is being charged with hiding evidence his estranged wife was the victim of a violent crime–drove the vehicle that same day, May 24.

Authorities seized the employee’s phone, computer, and personal truck, sources said. Fotis Dulos drove that vehicle the same day and had possession of it that week, sources said. The employee, who works for Dulos’s Fore Group company based out of Farmington, was in New Canaan working on a house. He returned the Ford Raptor to his boss that afternoon, and took his personal vehicle home.

The employee is being represented by a lawyer.

“My client has cooperated fully with authorities, is not in any way a suspect, and is just looking forward to moving on with his life post-Fotis Dulos,” said attorney Lindy Urso.

According to police, Dulos’ black Ford Raptor was seen the day Jennifer disappeared stopping at over 30 locations along a four-mile stretch of Albany Avenue between Biltmore and Edward Streets in the Hartford area. Authorities said said a white man who looked like Dulos was seen dumping garbage bags. A white woman resembling his girlfriend Michelle Troconis was seen leaning out the passenger seat of the vehicle and “either placing something on the ground or picking up an item.” Authorities said Dulos’s and Troconis’s cell phone data put them in the area.

Cops used this evidence to arrest the two for them of tampering with evidence that Jennifer Dulos was the victim of a violent crime. They were also charged with hindering prosecution.  The garbage bags contained clothing and other items with Jennifer’s blood on them, police said. Evidence back at the missing woman’s New Canaan home included blood stains on the garage floor, and evidence of attempts to clean the crime scene, said investigators. Police also said Fotis Dulos’s DNA was mixed with Jennifer’s blood in the sink.

Reports indicate that Troconis has been cooperating with cops. Jennifer Dulos remains missing, but it has been suspected that at least her husband could face a murder charge. Her husband’s new attorney Norm Pattis challenged whether cops can really prove the man on video is Fotis, and he also contended with the apparent timeline of events.

“Can you get from Farmington to New Canaan and back and kill somebody and clean up an extensive mess in the garage–that included a lot of blood, and splatter on a couple cars–dispose of a body, dispose of her car,” he told Fox 61. “Can all that really be accomplished in broad daylight in four-and-a-half hours without a witness?”

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