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Florida Man Says He Was Joking About Threat to ‘Find’ Trump After Soleimani Killing: Deputies


A Florida man is accused of demanding to “find” President Donald Trump or he’d blow up Broward County, but he allegedly insisted it was just a joke. Chauncy Devonte Lump is charged with filing a false bomb report, according to records obtained by Law&Crime. He faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted.

According to the probable cause affidavit obtained by Law&Crime, the defendant streamed a Facebook Live video from the account “Black Man vs. America” on Friday. In it, it showed a Lump with “a towel on his head in the style of a turban,” a white makeup covering his face, and “Middle Eastern sounding music” in the background, deputies said.

He allegedly demanded to know where he could find Trump, and said that the president “killed my leader. (For reference, deputies noted the U.S. airstrike that slew Iranian generalĀ Qassem Soleimani.)

“Please tell me where is Donald Trump,” Lump allegedly said. “I need to find the Donald and if I don’t find him, then I have to blow up Broward County.” He allegedly claimed to have an AK-47, and he brandished a loaded magazine.

Investigators said they tracked him down using the phone number and vanity name linked to the Facebook account.

Both deputies and Secret Service made contact with the defendant as he was driving up to his home, authorities said. After giving him his Miranda warning, Lump allegedly said he did make the video, but it was a joke, and he had no desire to carry out the statements in the footage. Nonetheless, deputies said that “he acknowledged that the implication of the above statements that he made in the video imply that he wanted to harm/kill Donald Trump” and blow up parts of Broward. Investigators said they also found the aforementioned loaded magazine at his home.

Records show Lump remains at Broward County Jail, and that there’s a $100,000 bond on the bomb report charge. He’s also being held for the U.S. Marshals Office for threats against the president, according to officials.

Lump pleaded not guilty on Tuesday. Defense lawyer Lance Anthony GarrettĀ declined to comment when Law&Crime reached him by phone.

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