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Fleeing Defendant Escapes Court After Bailiff Barely Misses Diving Tackle (VIDEO)


A drug defendant in Highland County, Ohio managed to flee out of a courthouse reportedly after he found out how much time he was going to spend behind bars. Nickolaus Kyle Garrison, 34, was sentenced Tuesday of a count of aggravated possession of meth, according to TMZ.

Well, Garrison wasn’t having any of that. As seen on video, he pushed his way past a guard, and ran out of court. It wasn’t a straight shot: Once out the door, he had to circle around a bannister in order to reach the stairs. This gave authorities almost enough time to catch up. One of them dove over that railing as Garrison was running down the steps. He made some contact, but not enough to stop the defendant. The official, who was identified as a bailiff, hit the steps, and slid down the stairs as Garrison–now a fugitive–ran off.

The defendant’s attorney Kathryn Hapner told the outlet that her client was hoping for the judge to hand down just probation, but instead got 6 months plus an extra 530 days for a parole violation in connection to a burglary conviction.

The bailiff reportedly sustained a concussion, and broke four ribs. Now the Highland County Sheriff’s Office is looking for Garrison.

Sheriff Donnie Barrera described the defendant as approximately six feet tall, and having blue hair, according to the Highland County Press. Garrison reportedly was last seen wearing a blue shirt and black pants. Deputies ask that anyone with information contact the Highland County Sheriff’s Office at (937) 393-1421.

[Screengrab via Highland County]

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