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Family Sues After Hoverboard Destroys $1 Million Home


fox-home-via-inside-editionIn January, the Fox family lost their $1 million Nashville home because of a fire. They and the local fire department said a Christmas present caused it: the FITURBO F1.

“It was a hoverboard that destroyed our house,” father Brian Fox told reporters at the time. “It started as just a toy.” Now the family is suing Amazon and its subsidiaries for the loss, saying the company knew the product was dangerous.

“The Foxes contend that Amazon and its various subsidiaries had information about the danger of this product well in advance of the January 9 fire, and on top of that, they had notice, they should have known the product was being misrepresented on their website,” attorney Steve Anderson told The Tennessean in a Thursday report. Amazon declined to comment on the matter since it’s about pending litigation.

The lawsuit, filed Wednesday in Davidson Circuit Court, claims that the online vender, “W-Deals,” was actually a fraud that sent the Foxes a counterfeit product instead of the real thing. But the plaintiff lawyers haven’t been able to reach the company despite attempts to do so.

The Foxes want $30 million in damages and punitive damages for lost possessions, physical injuries, and emotional distress.

Amazon no longer sells the hoverboard in a question.

[Screengrab via Inside Edition]

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