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Ex-Dallas Cop After Shooting Botham Jean, 26, in His Own Home: ‘I’m F***ed’ (LISTEN)


Warning: You might consider the language in the video above NSFW.

Former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger was indicted by a grand jury on a murder charge back in Nov. 2018. Now we know what was said in the moments after Guyger shot and killed 26-year-old accountant Botham Jean in his own apartment while she was off-duty but still in uniform.

Local news outlet WFAA obtained video of the uncensored phone call, which reveals that Guyger said numerous times that she thought Jean’s apartment was hers. At one point, Guyger said, “I thought it was my apartment. I thought it was apartment. I could have sworn I parked on the third floor.”

A panicked-sounding Guyger asked for EMS and could be heard acknowledging that her career was likely over as Jean was dying.

“I’m fucked,” she said.

“I’m going to lose my job. I thought it was my apartment,” she continued. “Hey bud. Hey bud. Hey bud. Come on. Oh fuck. I thought it was my apartment.”

Guyger repeated that last line over and over again.

“I thought it was my apartment. I thought it was my apartment. I thought it was my apartment. I thought it was my apartment,” she said. “Oh my god. I, I, How the fuck did I put the, how did, how did I … I’m so tired.”

Prosecutors have argued that Guyger should be held responsible for fatally shooting Jean at his apartment on Sept. 6. Police said that Guyger entered Jean’s home at the South Side Flats after a shift, and opened fire, striking him in the torso. Guyger did lose her job over the incident.

Guyger was initially charged with manslaughter, but that charge was later upgraded to murder.

Trial was set to begin in August, but the date was recently moved to Sept. 23 because Guyger’s defense attorneys needed more time to prepare.

Alberto Luperon contributed to this report.

[Image via Kaufman County Jail]

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