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Car Hits Bat-Wielding Man, Slams into Storefront in Absolutely Insane Road Rage Incident (VIDEO)


We’ve seen few things as crazy as this video. As footage shows, a car hit a bat-wielding man and slammed into a storefront in the Flushing neighborhood of New York City. Local police announced two arrests. Officers described a total of five victims, but none of them were said to have sustained a life-threatening injury.

In footage posted online, several men could be seen brawling. One of them used a bat to hit another. Another individual stepped away, approaching a stationary white vehicle. That individual was apparently the driver. He got inside the car. The rear of the vehicle was briefly out of frame. A thump was audible. The vehicle moved forward. The bat-wielding man approached the car from behind.

The vehicle circled around and stopped in front of a 99 cent store. The bat-wielding individual approached and hit the front of the car, apparently striking a headlamp. The car reversed, then sped right into the bat-wielding person—crashing right through a glass storefront across the street.

Law&Crime reached out to the New York Police Department for more information. We were told the incident happened Monday at about 2:03 p.m. There was an argument over a parking spot, which resulted in a white Audi colliding with the front of 41-39 Kissena Boulevard.

Two arrests were made. Queens man Jonathan Zhang, 35, is charged with assault. He allegedly hit his 34-year-old male victim in the left arm using a baseball bat.

Jie Zou, 24, allegedly punched his 35-year-old male victim in the face and struck the victim with the vehicle, which slammed into the storefront.

To be very clear, police did not name the 34-year-old or 35-year-old male victims. Cops did say that three women were also injured in the incident: a 47-year-old, 49-year-old, and 57-year-old.

The 34-year-old man and the three women were taken to a local hospital, police said.

The storefront in question belonged to the Rainbow Bakery. It opened Monday.

“I’m so sad. I’m worried about my employees,” owner John Lo told WABC. “I worry about my business too. We spent a lot of money for renovation.”

It is unclear if Zhang and Zou have attorneys in this matter.

[Screengrab via Gothamist]

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