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‘Don’t F***ing Touch Me’: Cheerleader Delivers Savage Beatdown After the Game (WATCH)

A viral video from YouTuber Sierra Sprague apparently filmed in Concord, California, has been viewed more than 8 million times since being posted on Saturday, and it’s not hard to see why.

Sprague posted early Saturday morning that her little sister had just gotten into a fight, and, boy, is this big sister proud of the result.

Footage shows the girl, in a cheerleader outfit, getting the upper hand in a brawl in a major way.

The cheerleader can be seen sitting at a table arguing with a girl in a sweatshirt. She will be identified as “sweatshirt” henceforth.

“Don’t fucking touch me,” says the cheerleader. Sweatshirt strikes her, and cue full-on brawl. Cheerleader launches from her seat, and the girls trade blows until sweatshirt falls to a knee, and tumbles to her back. Cheerleader mounts her to deliver more blows.

The video posted by Sprague depicts the fight from two angles. A guy, apparently another teenager, speaks into the phone.

“I knew there was going to be a rumble here tonight,” he says. “I love watching rumbles. This shit fun as fuck, especially a bitch fight.”

In a response to another Twitter user’s questions, Sprague said the brawl happened right after a game, and that she wasn’t there when it happened.

It is unclear what sparked the brawl. Sprague did not immediately respond to a Law&Crime request for comment Monday afternoon.

[Screengrab via @sierrasprague]

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