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Deputy Saves Little Girl Allegedly Left in Hot Car by Mom Who Made Liquor Store Run (VIDEO)


Newly released footage shows how a deputy saved a three-year-old girl allegedly left behind by her mom in a car on a June day in Florida. Bill Dunn of The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office sat down with Fox 35 about what happened last Father’s Day.

Video shows him running down a parking lot with the child apparently limp in his arms.

“Sadly, I didn’t think she was alive when I got to her,” he said. Dunn said he felt for a pulse. “I didn’t feel the pulse.”

In a statement Friday, the sheriff’s office said Bill found the three-year-old “clinging to life.”

So as shown in video, he carried her to his patrol car. Dunn said he placed her under the AC unit. That’s when her eyes began to flutter, he said.

He then brought her to the hospital. Body-cam footage shows him carrying her into the building. After everything is said and done, he appears to collapse over the hood of his vehicle.

“Heck of a thing to experience that adrenaline dump, and then when it finally all goes away, how it really does affect your body,” he said.

Casey Dylan Keller, 33, was arrested for the incident, and charged with child neglect with great bodily harm. Authorities claim she took her three kids with her to a liquor store Saturday night, June 16, but she didn’t bring the three-year-old out of the vehicle. The next day, she called 911, and reported both her car and child to be gone.

“My baby’s missing,” she said in a 911 audio reviewed by ABC. “I went to get her in the car, and my car’s missing and my baby’s missing.”

[Screengrab via Fox 35]

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