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UPDATED: Delta Reportedly Did Nothing When Trump Supporter Went on Rant, Yelled ‘Hillary B—–s’


Well, at least somebody’s happy about the November 8 election. One video, which shows a Donald Trump supporter acting out on a Delta flight, is leaving at least one professor kind of bewildered. After all, others have been kicked off planes for less. Why not this guy?

The clip shows this man calling out passengers behind him, cheering about the president-elect’s victory.

“We got some Hillary b—–s on here,” he said. The man then started clapping his hands, apparently trying to lead a plane-wide cheer. “Come on, baby! Trump! That’s what I’m talking about.”

Here’s the video, attributed to passenger Emma Baum:

“Donald Trump is your president,” he said toward the end. “Every g-ddamn one of you. If you don’t like it, too bad.”

GWU Law Professor Jonathan Turley fumed at a report that the man wasn’t even kicked off the plane.

From his blog:

I could not care less who he supported. The fact is that he was yelling and abusing passengers but Delta still returned him to the flight. He clearly was not apologetic according to one witness who said that, upon sitting back down, the man said “This is what you get for being a patriot.”
No, this is what you get for being a utter idiot and nuisance. Indeed, his rude performance likely delighted some who want to portray all Trump supporters as part of that “basket of deplorables.”

Turley then pointed out that people have been kicked off flights over t-shirts and tweets.

We reached out to Delta Airlines to confirm details of the story, and to learn more about their policy on disruptive passengers. They confirmed that the incident happened on Tuesday before a flight from Atlanta, Georgia to Allentown, Pennsylvania. We got this statement:

We are sorry to our customers who experienced this disruption. We’ve followed up with the teams involved and all agree that this customer shouldn’t have been allowed to continue on the flight. Our responsibility for making sure all customers feel safe and comfortable with Delta includes requiring civil behavior from everyone. The behavior we see in this video doesn’t square with our training or culture, and follow-up will continue so we can better ensure employees know they will be fully supported to make the right decisions when these issues arise.

Update – November 25, 5:47 p.m.: Updated with Delta’s statement, explaining that they’re looking into the incident.

Update – November 26, 4:17 p.m.: Delta sent us another statement. We replaced their earlier one, which only said they would investigate.

[Screengrab via Emma Baum]

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