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Dan Abrams: Tiger Woods Could Plead Guilty to DUI Because of New Footage (Video)


Police released on Wednesday dash cam video of Tiger Woods‘ DUI arrest, and founder Dan Abrams said it doesn’t look good for the golf superstar.

“I think you’re going to end up seeing some sort of plea with a license suspension, a significant fine, maybe community service,” he told Good Morning America on Thursday. That is because that footage could be used against Woods.

The golfer was arrested on early morning on Monday in Jupiter, Florida. Cops said he was asleep on his car on the road. The vehicle was still running.

“Do you know where you’re at right now?” an officer said after Woods claimed he was coming from Los Angeles in California.

“I do not know,” Woods answered.

Dash cam footage shows him being cooperative with officers, but he apparently struggled to perform sobriety tests, such as tying his shoes, and walking in a straight line. He even seemed to misunderstand instructions to say the alphabet. When asked to repeat the request, Woods said he wasn’t to say the national anthem backwards.

The golfer passed the breathalyzer test for alcohol, and in a statement after the arrest, he said the incident was due to an “unexpected reaction” to prescription medication. He has had several back surgeries, including one a month ago.

Abrams pointed that DUI doesn’t just have to be for alcohol.

“The bottom line is just because he passed the breathalyzer doesn’t get him off the hook,” he said. Abrams expects Woods’ lawyers will try to make a deal, but that the golfer’s claim this reaction was unexpected won’t help him.

A court hearing is scheduled for July.

The arrest video can be seen here, via Fox 28:

[Screengrab via Jupiter Police Department]

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