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Courtroom Brawl Nearly Breaks Out When Man Charges at Sister’s Killer During Hearing (WATCH)


Chaos erupted in the middle of the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court in Cleveland on Wednesday. James Henderson had just pleaded guilty to killing five people in November 2014, and prior to sentencing a family member of one of the victims gave a statement before the court. Delray Sanders turned directly to Henderson and addressed the man who admitted to killing Sanders’ sister, unable to keep his emotions in check. After calling Henderson “pitiful” and saying he was glad the man was going to suffer in prison, Sanders charged towards Henderson, forcing court officers to restrain him.

Multiple officers grabbed Sanders immediately, keeping him away from Henderson, and they took him out of the courtroom, with Sanders struggling to break free on the way out. The judge granted a recess to let things settle down and for order to be restored. Other family members and friends of the victims were in the courtroom at the time, and some were asked to leave the courthouse after the incident.

During Sanders’ statement, he commented on how Henderson was smirking. His mother, Patricia Johnson, said to News5Cleveland. “He was over there laughing. That’s what hurt my son.” She said no one in the family regretted what Sanders did in court. Sanders’ sister, Sherita Johnson, was pregnant when Henderson killed her, and the unborn child did not survive. Another family member, Jalante Johnson, said about Henderson, “Him smiling let me know what I needed to know. He’s not remorseful and he’s not sorry.”


[Image via CBS19 screengrab]

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