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Charles Vallow Claimed ‘Soon-to-Be Ex-Wife’ Lori Vallow Changed Password on Life Insurance Account


Lori Vallow Daybell

More is being revealed about the friction between the late Charles Vallow and his wife Lori Vallow Daybell. He claimed to Banner Life Insurance company that she changed the password on his million dollar account, according to an email obtained by Fox 10 Phoenix.

“I spoke with [redacted] and he could NOT authenticate the password listed on my account,” he wrote in an email dated February 26, 2019. “He said one was placed on 2/20/19. IT WAS NOT BY ME. I request an investigation as I believe it’s my soon to be ex wife who fraudulently placed a password on the account.”

Vallow’s friction with his wife over the life insurance account was previously known.

“Charles and I had a conversation,” his sister Kay Woodcock told East Idaho News. “He had a $1 million dollar policy with Lori as the beneficiary and he told me he wanted me to be the sole recipient. I told him to leave it to his boys but he was worried about what Lori was going to do.”

Indeed, the newly reported email shows him asking that the beneficiary being changed to his sister.

“I have an order [of] protection against Lori Vallow as she has physically threatened my life in the past 30 days,” he wrote.

Charles Vallow was shot and killed July 11, 2019 by his brother-in-law Alex Cox in Arizona. The gunman claimed self-defense. He was later found dead in December, purportedly by the son of his girlfriend.

As for Lori Vallow, she moved to Idaho with her two kids Joshua Vallow, 7, and Tylee Ryan, 17, in September. The children are now considered missing, and their mother is being charged for allegedly deserting them instead of helping cops find them. Lori Vallow married new husband Chad Daybell in Hawaii on November 5, police said. That was amid the children’s disappearance.

(The Vallows had adopted JJ. His biological father was Woodcock’s son. Woodcock is Charles Vallow’s sister. Tylee’s father was another man, Joseph Ryan, who, incidentally, died of a purported heart attack in 2018.)

All told, the new story is just another detail to add onto a bewildering tale. Police in Arizona have been looking into the death of Charles Vallow. Authorities have also been taking a second look at the death of Daybell’s previous wife Tammy Daybell in October, as well as the death of Joseph Ryan. Cox’s autopsy results are pending, a Gilbert, Arizona police spokesperson has told Law&Crime.

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