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Authorities Say They Possibly Discovered Remains of Missing 15-Month-Old Evelyn Boswell


Authorities announced Friday that the search for missing 15-month-old Evelyn Mae Boswell has ended in tragedy. According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, they acted on new information leading them to property belonging to a family member of the girl’s mother Megan Boswell, 18. They found remains there, and they suggest that it belongs to the missing girl. To be clear, there had yet to be a positive investigation, or even an autopsy, but the worst has been assumed.

The investigation is ongoing. Officially speaking, Evelyn was being treated as a missing person since February 18. In an early statement, investigators said that she had apparently been last seen on December 26, 2019. Officials said they were trying to figure out why it took so long to report Evelyn Boswell missing. They’ve made no secret about their problems with her mother Megan Boswell, who has been charged with allegedly filing a false report. The TBI has said “the child’s mother, along with others connected to the child, has given conflicting dates.” Sullivan County Sheriff Jeff Cassidy claimed that the elder Boswell changed her story every time they spoke to her, according to the Wilkes Journal Patriot.

Court-appointed attorney Brad Sproles spoke to WJHL, and said that he told Megan Boswell about the body’s discovery on Friday night.

“This is a tragic situation any way you look at it so her reaction was somewhat to be expected,” he said Saturday. “As far as I know from what she indicated to me, no-one had told her until I got there.”

He said he was appointed to represent her in court until the case went to a grand jury, but he suggested he would be appointed again at another hearing May 8.

“I agree with what District Attorney General [Barry] Staubus said that this is the very early stages and everyone to please be cautious about rushing to judgment here,” he said.

Evelyn Boswell

The home in question belongs to Evelyn’s maternal grandfather, Tommy Boswell Sr., as indicated in property tax records obtained by the Patriot. He had been the person who initially reported Evelyn missing in the first place. To say the least, he’s declined to comment on the case.

“You’re all vultures,” he told Knox News in report last week, back before the discovery of the body. Boswell Sr. is divorced from Megan’s mother Angela Boswell, who has been arrested amid the disappearance.

She and boyfriend William McCloud were arrested last month in North Carolina during the search for Evelyn. The couple allegedly stole a BMW that authorities had been looking for in connection to Evelyn’s case. A court hearing was scheduled for March 24.

[Image of Evelyn Boswell via Sullivan County, TN Sheriff’s Office]

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