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Amber Guyger’s Own Judge Hugs Her After Being Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison


Convicted murderer Amber Guyger was showered with hugs as she left a Dallas County courtroom late Wednesday afternoon.

One hug came from the brother of Botham Shem Jean–the brother of the man she killed. And, in a must-be-seen-to-be-believed development, Guyger also got a hug from her own judge.

As the victim’s brother left the witness stand, he asked Judge Tammy Kemp if he could “please” hug Guyger. Judge Kemp said, “yes.”

“I just want the best for you,” Brandt Jean told the killer cop. “And the best would be giving your life to Christ.”

Guyger all but leapt into Brandt Jean’s open arms. The two embraced for several moments–sharing mutual sobs and pain and audible hurt.

After that emotional denouement, Judge Kemp descended from the bench and walked over to Guyger thumbing through a book.

Kemp read from her own Christian bible and reportedly counseled Guyger as to how she thought the gospel might work wonders for the soon-to-be numbered–in a state penitentiary–murderess.

“I have three or four more bibles at home,” Kemp says. “This is your job for the next month.”

The judge told Guyger to study John chapter 3 verse 16–and then proceeded to read it aloud.

After listening to the judge, Guyger stood up and the two hugged in a decidedly bizarre post-trial moment caught on camera.

Guyger was earlier sentenced to 10 years in prison for the murder of Botham Jean.

[image via screengrab/Law&Crime Live Trial Network]

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