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67-Year-Old Man Arrested in 1984 Cold Case Murder of Woman


David Kizziar

Police in Phoenix, Arizona say they solved a murder dating back more than three decades. David Kizziar, 67, was arrested Friday in the 1984 sexual assault and murder of Aimee See, 22, according to 3TV/CBS5.

At the time of the incident, cops were only left with a mysterious 911 caller, and a crime scene without a suspect. An anonymous person reported smoke from a vacant building, and claimed there were people inside. But officers said they found no smoke or people–at least, they did not find more than one person.

A blood trail led them to the back where they found the victim’s body: she had been dead for a couple of days, nude and on a sleeping bag. She had sustained head injuries, and there was a phone cord around her neck. Police also said evidence showed she had been sexually assaulted, and they managed to construct a suspect profile from DNA.

Authorities had no one to link this profile to, however. The case was cold for years, with activity in 2012 when forensic processing was asked for.

The real development arrived in October 2020: cops said they tracked down Kizziar, and they learned he lived within a mile of the crime scene.

Officers said their suspect acknowledged in a October 15 interview that he was familiar with the building. He allegedly admitted he would enter through windows to go inside.

The defendant also had an alleged link to See: They were members of the YMCA and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul (a charity organization). Investigators claim the crime scene DNA matched Kizziar’s profile last Thursday. It is unclear if Kizziar has an attorney at this time.

[Screengrab via 3TV/CBS5]

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