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5 People Charged in Georgia Home Invasion Murder of 14-Year-Old Girl


Deputies in Coweta County, Georgia have named five defendants in the shooting death of a 14-year-old Haley Adams.

Aubrie Brown, 26, Kyle Coney, 36, Justin Ramsey, 20, William “Billy” Tyree, 32, and Spencer Wix, 27, are all charged with murder, deputies said in an Atlanta-Journal Constitution report. They are accused of being members of the Ghost Face Gangster, a white supremacist prison gang. Conley, Tyree, and Wix are in Coweta County Jail. Brown, and Ramsey are in Chattanooga, Tennesee, pending extradition.

Adams had recently moved to Coweta, and turned 14.

“She was such a beautiful soul,” her mother Alyssa Adams told Fox 5 Atlanta. “She was just an awesome kid.” Haley was the eldest of her children. She said her daughter wanted to go into the U.S. Marines and become a drill sergeant.

Four people allegedly broke into their home on February 11. The suspects were looking for something, but that individual wasn’t at the home, authorities said in an 11 Alive report. They left, and Haley (who had been hiding in a closet) went to the front door while holding a BB gun. Deputies say that one of the suspects fired at her, striking her in the back.

The Coweta County Sheriff Lenn Wood described the intruders as three men, and one woman. Suspects were looking for the owner of the house, he said.

Adams and her mother had moved into the residence just the week before, authorities said.

[Screengrab via WSB-TV; from top-left, going clockwise: Aubrie Brown, Justin Ramsey, Spencer Todd, Kyle Conley, and Willam Tyree]

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