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Police Arrested Alleged Beer Thief Who Looks a Lot Like David Schwimmer


Cops in England arrested a beer theft suspect on Tuesday who looks a hell of a lot like actor David Schwimmer. The Lancashire Police, who first sought the defendant, credited their counterparts in London for the collar.

Internet commenters had way too much fun when cops mentioned the similarity between suspect and celebrity in October, and they made a slew of references to the Friends theme song. London cops continued that trend Tuesday.

The suspect wasn’t identified. It’s unclear how he plans to pivot, given the theft charge.

We weren’t kidding about all the Friends references, by the way. The case caught international attention last month because of the defendant’s apparent resemblance to Schwimmer.

“I heard he stole because his job is a joke, plus he’s broke and don’t get me started on his love life which is D.O.A.” wrote an account under the name Brendan Bunting. “To be honest it’s not been his day, his month or even his year.”

Police, in their now-deleted original post, made clear that they didn’t suspect the actor of any wrongdoing, but this didn’t stop Schwimmer from having a little bit of fun  last month.

[Image via Lancashire Police]

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