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O.J.’s Lawyer Goes Off on TMZ Founder and His ‘Exploited Child Labor Staff’ After Vegas Report


O.J. Simpson‘s attorney Malcolm LaVergne is teeing off on TMZ after the gossip site published a report that the former NFL star, who was recently released from prison, was drunk and unruly at a Las Vegas hotel bar. LaVergne insists that the report is false, although he confirmed the part about Simpson being banned from returning to the Cosmopolitan hotel.

The attorney also noted that the hotel said the TMZ report was inaccurate. Indeed, a hotel source had told the same thing.

Drinking to excess would be a violation of Simpson’s parole terms, but LaVergne said on Twitter that the parole board tested Simpson and he was clean.

After giving his client’s side of the story, LaVergne went into attack mode on TMZ and founder Harvey Levin, calling him “soulless” and referring to his employees as “his exploited child labor staff.” But he didn’t stop there.

Eventually he called it a night and bid Levin a farewell, of sorts.


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