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Boxer Allegedly Killed Tinder Date Because She Lied about Being a Virgin and Then Took His Own Life


Police in New Taipei City, Taiwan believe that a boxer and amateur MMA fighter brutally murdered a woman he met on Tinder because she lied that she was a virgin before he took his own life.

Chilling video shows what is believed to be 27-year-old Yee-min Huang‘s last moments alive before she was murdered at 28-year-old Gary Chu‘s apartment, the Vancouver Sun reported.

Chu, whose ex-wife has said that he abused her, reportedly hanged himself after posting a rant on Facebook and leaving a suicide note that said that Huang “wronged me.” Police believe he dismembered his victim’s body and then stuffed her remains in trash bags.

Huang was last seen on May 19 and Chu is said to have killed himself days later. Surveillance video showed Chu carrying bags early on May 22.

According to Metro, the victim’s brother Francis Huang asked the public for help in finding his sister because he believed Chu was holding her against her will. In Chu’s Facebook post, he said he “never once hurt her or restricted her freedom,” while also saying he was “deceived” and “betrayed.”

“I found out she had been lying and also cheating on me with other men,” he wrote. “[A]fter we met on Tinder, she lied to me saying she was a virgin.”

Chu’s ex-wife also said that she was held against her will and reportedly shared picture proof of abuse.

[Image via Metro screengrab]

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