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‘Y’all Making up S***!’: Accused Orlando Cop Killer Goes Nuts, Shouts Profanities at Judge (VIDEO)


The man accused of killing his pregnant ex-girlfriend and a female cop made his first court appearance on Thursday morning that ended with the defendant cursing at the judge, saying he would represent himself at trial and accusing the media of lying about what happened.

Markeith Loyd was captured earlier this week after a lengthly manhunt that started when police say he was charged in connection with the murder of his pregnant girlfriend, Sade Dixon and her unborn child, who died in December 2016.

Loyd made his first court appearance Thursday morning on several charges related to the murder of his pregnant ex-girlfriend.  He has not yet been charged in connection with the murder of the female police officer.  However, Loyd’s appearance was anything but routine.

First, he surprised the court by announcing that he would defend himself at the trial, despite that fact that he may face the death penalty.  Loyd told the judge the penalties associated with the charges “don’t matter” to him and he refused to fill out a form asking for a public defender.

Loyd then accused the police and news media of making up facts about what happened with each crime and of trying to hide the fact that he was seriously hurt during his apprehension earlier this week.

“They done took my eye. They broke my nose they broke my jaw they did all this s— said I resisted,” Loyd shouted over the closed circuit video link between the jail and court. “I didn’t resist s–. They just did that s– and they’re trying to hide it from the news people. But I’m here right now.”

Loyd had a bandage covering his left eye.  According to some local news reports, police say Loyd suffered injuries while resisting arrest, but he claimed they beat him during his court appearance.   At least one local official has reportedly suggested Loyd might lose his eye as a result of his injuries.

As the judge told the bailiffs she believed they had covered everything, he seemed to turn his anger towards her, repeatedly shouting “f *ck you” at her as he was escorted from the room.

Loyd was ordered held without bail and told to not have contact with any of his other family members who are reportedly being held in the same facility at this time.  Some family members are being held on unrelated charges and others are held on charges that they helped Loyd during his time on the run.

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