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WATCH: Man Receives Brutal Beating After Offering to Pay for Stranger’s Meal, Police Say


Police in New York City say a customer offered to pay for the meal of two other men and they responded by mercilessly beating him, even using the man’s own walking cane to pummel him.

According to the Daily News, police just released surveillance video of the incident that they say occurred back on March 1st at the Texas Chicken and Burgers restaurant in Brooklyn.

Police say the video shows the victim sitting in a booth near the counter when two men walked in. One of them was allegedly speaking very loudly about how nobody would give him even one-dollar.  The comment prompted the 37-year-old victim to offer help, saying he would pay for the man’s meal.   However, the offer only enraged the two men. One of them reportedly said, “I’ve got money, I’ve got money,” and then to “Mind your f—ing business!”

Video then shows the two men began walking towards the victim and unleashed a brutal beating.  The victim attempted to defend himself with a walking cane, but it was quickly taken from him and used against him.  Two additional men then appear to run over to join in the beating, kicking and stomping the victim as he was by then defenseless on the ground.  They then dragged him towards the front door as some other customers just stepped over the man and walked to the counter to order as if nothing was out of the ordinary occurred.

In one final act of indignity, another man appears to go through the victim’s pockets to steal items from him as he was bleeding on the ground.

Police say medics eventually arrived and took the victim to the hospital where he was treated for broken bones, including a broken a nose, and other cuts and bruises.  He is said to be recovering, in stable condition.

Authorities are trying to identify the attackers and have asked anyone with information to the Crime Stoppers tip hotline.

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