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WATCH LIVE: Justin Ross Harris Hot Car Death Trial Day 19


(As soon as the trial begins or restarts from break, the above video will be LIVE from the court. You may have to refresh your browser.) 

The murder trial of Justin Ross Harris, who is accused of intentionally leaving his 22-month-old son, Cooper, in a hot car to die, continues.

Harris is facing eight charges, including malice murder, felony murder and child cruelty. He is also facing charges for allegedly sexting underage girls on the day his son was left to die in the parking lot of the Home Depot Corporate Headquarters in Cobb County, Georgia. Harris claims that he is innocent and this was all a tragic accident.

On Monday, the defense called Leanna Taylor, Harris’ ex-wife, to the stand.  Taylor described some of the marital problems she and Harris had, stemming back years before Cooper’s death. She talked about their intimacy issues, Harris’ pornography addiction, and his erectile dysfunction. She also said she wasn’t aware at the time that he was cheating on her, and that she was have divorced him sooner had she known.

But despite all this, she spoke in Harris’ defense, saying that he was an involved father who cared about his “little buddy.” During her testimony, the defense played home movies of Harris and Cooper, showing the jury how they got along. It was powerful stuff that may have gone a long way towards Harris’ defense. The prosecution then began their cross-examination, asking Taylor about how well she really knew Harris, in light of his extramarital activities.


Testimony will continue Monday morning at 8:30 ET with more cross-examination of Leanna Taylor.

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