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WATCH LIVE: Dalia Dippolito Murder-for-Hire Retrial Jury Selection


The retrial of a Florida woman accused of paying an undercover cop $7,000 to kill her husband got underway last week with jury selection. Before jury selection gets underway on Monday, the defense has three motions, including change of venue.

Dalia Dippolito was captured on cameras during the television show “Cops” paying an undercover officer, but she says the entire thing was just an act for the producers of the television show.

The incident occurred in 2009 and she was convicted at her first trial in 2011 and sentenced to 20-years in prison for solicitation to commit first-degree murder with a firearm.  However, an appeals court overturned her conviction in 2014 and granted her a new trial.

Jury selection in the case was expected to take as long as three days and the trial itself is expected to last about five days.  But then reports on Friday morning indicated that the defense team’s motion for change of venue may end up delaying the actual start of the trial well into the future.

Dippolito’s lawyers will filed and oral motion on Friday and the judge will hold a hearing on that motion on Monday.

We are asking jurors to be brought in from other counties, similar to what was done in the Casey Anthony case,” a member of Dippolito’s defense team explained.

They believe the case has already received far too much media attention in Palm Beach County that any jurors selected from the county will already have preconceived notions about the case.  Jury selection and media exposure in the last case  played a major role in the appellate court’s decision to grant Dippolito a new trial.

The judge decided to continue the ongoing jury selection process for Friday, saying he believes the proper safeguards were already in place to pick a fair jury.  Nonetheless, a formal hearing on the matter is expected to be heard on Monday. will carry a livestream of all the courtroom action as soon as the trial begins with opening statements.

10:00 a.m. Update:

The judge denied the defense motion for change of venue early Monday morning.  Jury selection is expected to resume shortly.

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