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WATCH: Dash Cam Captures Cop Running For His Life After Cow Charges After Him


A police officer in Temple, Texas was sent out on a rather strange call Saturday after a nearby veterinary clinic called to report a cow had escaped from its enclosure.

The officer’s dash cam captured part of the chase where the cop seems to believe he may have the animal finally boxed in inside a chain link fence around what looks like a children’s playground.  Thankfully, no kids appear to have been around.

With the cop “chasing” the cow in his cruiser, the animal trots through the opening in the fence and appears to finally be cornered when the officer quickly jumps out and tries to close the gate.

It was not over, however.  Just as soon as the cop closes the gates, the cow chases after him and the cop has to make a mad sprint to his vehicle for some protection.

The chase then continued over to a football field and as of the last report on Saturday, the cow was still on the loose.

According to one local station, it was last seen at around 8:30 PM heading towards the eastern end of the city limits.  A team of men on horseback were called in to help the cops, but all effort seemed to have failed.  The cow remains at large.

[image via screengrab]

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